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Bathroom Remodels

Upgraded Bathrooms – A Wise Investment

Just want to freshen up your bathroom, replace the tiles and then realize the cabinets and counter tops no longer match or it’s time to get rid of that 1960’s color scheme. A new set of bathroom cabinets and counter tops can totally transform an older bathroom into something that is bright, fresh and adds value to your home. If you are thinking of selling your house, it has been proven time and again that a remodeled, up to date bathroom is the in the top 3 must haves for home buyers. Remodeling your kitchen and/or bathroom is one of the only investments that has a proven return on investment and translates to cash in hand on the resale of your home.

The team at Gillespie’s Cabinet Shop will walk you through design ideas, colors, finishes and materials, ensuring you are 100% happy with your choices prior to handing over the project to their skilled craftsmen who will skillfully hand craft your new cabinets and counter tops ready for installation.

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