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Kitchen Counter Tops

Tying it Altogether With a Carefully Selected Counter

The choice of counter for your kitchen, bathroom or work bench is as important as the design, look and feel of the cupboards that go under them. Your counter tops are a major factor in the overall ambiance of your kitchen. Ultra-modern stainless steel to warm and old world wood, Whatever your choice Gillespie’s Cabinet Shop will cut and fit your counter tops perfectly and provide all the necessary information to maintain them and keep them looking new for decades to come.

From Granite to Wood – A Multitude of Choices

Polished Granite

This is still the number one choice of most home owners due to the fact that it offers a high quality look while providing almost the same durability as quartz. The natural look of granite is one of its most appealing attributes and our customers love the variation in color that each slab provides although this does cause some problems in matching color at corners, the natural feel of granite far outweighs any slight color variations within the natural slab.

Some care is needed to ensure that some spills are wiped up quickly, especially oils, wine, acids and soda. Following a regular sealing routine helps to keep stains at bay and the team at Gillespie’s Cabinets will advise on this simple routine.


Almost maintenance free, engineered quartz is scratch, stain, acid, impact and heat resistant. It does not need sealing due to its non-porous surface like some of the natural stone counter tops.


This budget friendly choice has long been a favorite choice for counter tops. The advancement in new laminates with life-like natural stone, wood and granite coloring as well as the retro mid-century revival with bright saturated colors are the new trendy considerations.


Designers are currently keen on this natural stone for all sorts of counter tops. It is not only aesthetically pleasing with its beautiful natural veining but helps disguise wear and some staining.

Marble gives a very high end look while being comparable in price to some granites and will give your kitchen a timeless look. Marble is porous so a regular sealing and care with acids is important to ensure it keeps its velvety look.

Stainless Steel

Commercial, industrial, modern and stylish a stainless steel countertop will offer a sleek look that complements many cupboard and décor choices. It is the most durable and bacteria resistant of all counter tops which is why it is the choice of commercial kitchens. Match that with the current trend of brushed stainless ranges and refrigerators and you have a kitchen that would not look out of place in any high-end restaurant.


Highly customizable with colored stains and textures, this ultra-modern look is growing in popularity throughout the country. Like many materials concrete is porous so should be sealed on a regular basis but can give your kitchen or bathroom a one of a kind look that will go with many different designs of custom kitchen. A concrete countertop can also be provide energy efficiency since it releases heat stored throughout the day into the room at night when temperatures start to fall.


Non porous, natural, bacteria and stain resistant, soapstone comes in shades of gray from dark to light with natural but subtle veining. No need for sealing but applying mineral oil on a regular basis will help to disguise small scratches. This will add a deep sheen over time that will only enhance the natural look.


There is nothing warmer than a wood counter top. You needn’t be put off by worry about cuts and scratches. A properly sealed wood counter top is durable and even sanitary enough to cut meat. Ask any butcher! Wood is also highly heat resistant and budget friendly. Many kitchen designers are now incorporating sections of wood counter tops into high prep areas of kitchens to not only break up the mono color feel of a long kitchen counter but to add a helpful work and cutting area to your kitchen.

Other Materials

While this is not a complete list of offerings at Gillespie’s Cabinet Shop, it covers the basics of most commonly selected materials. We are also proud to offer:
  • Limestone
  • Cambria
  • Corian
  • Samsung Radience

Other Materials

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